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Customized 3PL Solutions

Customized 3PL Solutions in Michigan

Understanding that no two businesses are alike, SMH Logistics offers customized 3PL solutions that are not only adaptive but also innovative. Our team works closely with each client to understand their specific operational requirements, challenges, and business goals to develop tailored logistics strategies.

Consultative Approach

From layout optimization to specialized storage conditions, our warehousing solutions are designed to fit the precise needs of your products.

We develop transportation solutions that optimize routes, reduce costs, and improve delivery times, whether local, national, or global.

Technology Integration

Implementing advanced technologies tailored to enhance the visibility, efficiency, and control of your supply chain.

Seamless integration of our logistics systems with your existing ERP or supply chain management software to ensure a unified operation.

Project Management

A dedicated project manager is assigned to oversee the implementation of your customized logistics solution, ensuring consistency and quality of service.

Regular reviews and updates to your logistics solutions to ensure they continue to meet your evolving business needs.

Why Choose SMH Logistics?

At SMH, flexibility and creativity are at the core of our service philosophy. We understand the dynamic nature of business and are committed to developing innovative customized 3pl services that provide tangible benefits.

Our team of logistics experts brings extensive industry knowledge and creative problem-solving skills to every project, ensuring that your customized solutions are both practical and effective.

As a certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE), we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and excellence in every solution we provide.

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Value-Added Services

Custom solutions for packaging, handling, and transporting sensitive, oversized, or high-value products.

Our services are designed to scale up or down based on your business cycles, ensuring cost-effective management of resources.

SMH Logistics is the service provider of choice for customized 3PL solutions in Michigan because of our proven expertise in delivering tailored logistics services that precisely meet unique operational needs. Our comprehensive range of services, including warehousing, inventory management, and distribution, is backed by advanced technology and a deep understanding of industry-specific requirements. SMH Logistics’ commitment to flexibility and a customer-centric approach ensures personalized support and innovative solutions that enhance your supply chain efficiency. Additionally, our robust product traceability capabilities and dedication to maintaining high standards of quality and compliance give us confidence in their ability to manage our logistics with precision and reliability.

Are you ready to transform your logistics operations with our customized 3pl services? Contact SMH Logistics today to schedule a consultation with one of our logistics experts.

Why SMH?

Geographic Edge

Located at the vital crossroads of I-75 and Joslyn Rd. in Auburn Hills, MI, our 80,000 sq ft facility offers direct highway access, optimizing logistics efficiency and scalability.

Heated Warehouse

Flexible modern facility to service your needs. Our heated warehouse ensures that temperature-sensitive goods are stored in optimal conditions, protecting them from cold weather damage and maintaining their quality and integrity.

Global Reach with Local Insight

With a worldwide network, we provide seamless international shipping solutions, combining global reach with local expertise to meet your logistics needs precisely.

Partner With Excellence

Partnering with us means gaining a strategic advantage through superior logistics solutions that drive your business forward efficiently and reliably.